The digital health boom has touched down emphatically in New York. According to data from CB Insights, healthcare technology companies raised more money in H1 2014 than in the previous 12 quarters combined.

With leaders such as Zocdoc, which raised $130M in August 2015, healthcare startups in NYC are shaking up insurance, consumer-facing platforms, data analytics, medical software, and more—with tailwind from plenty of investor cash. A growing network of innovative New York companies is helping medical professionals work and patients thrive, with more early-stage investment occurring all the time.

We’ve rounded up 25 of the most significant players on this rapidly growing and changing landscape.

What they do: Zipari makes products that streamline interactions between health insurance carriers and their customers. Its CRM implements Salesforce technology to help insurance companies better understand the humans they’re dealing with, while Zipari Content Management and Online Shopping applies digital marketing know-how to facilitate more efficient and rewarding user experiences.

How it’s changing healthcare: Health insurance carriers are not often famous for providing a rewarding consumer experience. Zipari gives them the tools to build closer relationships with the people they serve and drum up new business and user enthusiasm while they’re at it.

Founded: 2014

Funding: $325,000