Business owners have a great challenge if they depend on employees who make phone calls or deal with customer issues. What do you do when your staff just don’t get it? There might be days when you think it is easier to just answer the phone yourself. Yet, with just a hair of training and a smidgen of advice, you can instruct your staff on how to avoid a few common mistakes. Here they are in order of severity.

1. Forget your filter

Revealing too much by phone can lead to problems. Make sure your staff know what you can really provide as a service, even if there’s a chance you can do more than that. Setting expectations is critical. An employee without a filter will offer to many options, reveal too much about your product plans, and get customers excited about a service you don’t provide. Ask them to keep that in check.

2. Feign interest

Customers are savvy enough to spot someone who is not acting genuine on the phone. Ask employees to be honest and stick to the facts. If you feign too much interest or act like you are best buddies, it makes people think the product or service itself might be a little sketchy. It’s better to show real interest.

3. Pretend to have the answers

It’s a temptation for customer service reps in particular to act like they have the answer. It’s better for the employee to take down the customer info, find the answer, and make a return call. It shows respect to the customer’s need. Pretending to have an answer creates two problems. One, the employee is giving out false info. And two, when the customer finds out the real answer, the company looks bad. Read the entire story here