We all go through very similar steps when we consider buying complex products and services.

This, of course, includes healthcare insurance products—something many people find confusing and approachable only with a deep sense of fear and loathing.

Some folks move through their healthcare buying cycle relatively quickly and others may take a year, but everyone generally goes through the phases of discovering a need, shopping around, narrowing the field and making a decision.

Marketers have more control of this process than we often think. For most marketers of complex products like health insurance, the correct approach is content marketing—a much described, and much misunderstood, concept.

Here’s how it works.

1. Marketers now have much more visibility into which part of the buying cycle the prospect is in. We can see when consumers are researching our products. We know how long they’ve been looking around. We can (and we definitely should) know about the solicitations we’ve sent individuals and whether they have responded.

2. Moving someone through their buying cycle is all about the offer, not the product.

So, if someone has just become aware of a need for health insurance—for example, they are about to turn 65 and have started to hear about Medicare, or they recently graduated from college and realize they won’t be covered by their parents’ insurance—it would be smart to offer them an overview of how to select the right type of plan. These offers of insightful content help identify prospects starting their purchase journey and, if well produced, they also provide a reference point of expertise and trust to build preference for your brand. Read the full article here