The call center within any industry is either the first line of customer support or the final effort to hold onto the customer. In most cases it can make or break the consumer experience and their brand perception. While some insurance carriers may see the call center as a necessary evil, new technologies such as industry specific CRMs can convert the call center into a modernized revenue driving machine that can not only resolve problems, but support sales and marketing programs.

Coaching employees who have a loss for words

Coaching and educating Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) takes time and they are often not in sync with current market conditions, sales or product offerings. In order for the call center to become better at customer service, representatives will need to “act, behave and serve as if they are a customer”, and not as a phone operator.

85% of consumers say they have been put on hold because employees don’t know what to say, whilst an alarming 58% of consumers have reported that they have received better help from other customers than from employees.” 

A CRM built with industry specific workflows can provide real-time information to the CSR, enabling them to provide proactive and seamless customer support, while receiving guidance on what to say, ask and suggest.

A proactive approach towards driving customer loyalty

Today’s healthcare consumer expects more. Consumers have been trained by online retailers such as Amazon or Zappos to expect a greater customer experience throughout every click. This has dramatically elevated the expectations of the insurance industry to cater to the needs of the member, placing more importance on the call center having a multi-channel view of the member. With this type of customer insight, the customer service team can easily direct customers to appropriate resources,, expedite personalized follow-up emails from calls, send mobile text messaging confirmations or extend customer service engagement through social media. An industry specific CRM that contains customer analytics can provide call center teams with the real-time insight required to retain and expand an organization’s customer base.

Resolve problems while supporting sales and marketing activities

In addition to resolving customer questions, call center teams have an opportunity to serve as an extended arm of your sales force. The comprehensive information contained in the CRM allows CSRs to rapidly identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities. Customer service teams can turn a simple prospect or member question into a potential revenue opportunity or in some cases proactively suggest resources to improve member health.

Why outsource or build, when you can enhance?

To improve the call center some will debate the idea of outsourcing as way of lowering over-head, but this can place the consistency of brand messaging at risk. Building a technology solution to improve the call center can take extremely long to develop and will likely end up costing more than anticipated. The most cost effective option, is to enhance existing technology with an industry-specific CRM. This platform can be used to process, monitor and report consistently and in real-time, while ensuring HIPPA and other regulatory compliance.

A CRM to maximize productivity and efficiencies

Zipari’s insurance specific CRM App-powered by data analytics, addresses the challenges of the insurance industry, by providing carriers with a solution that not only provides a unified view of all customer data but actionable recommendations to help carriers improve member engagement and experience. Click here to learn more and download the data sheet.


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