In order to thrive in this consumer-driven marketplace, the insurance industry must:

  • Have a clear innovative strategic vision
  • Make the customer experience a priority, and
  • Integrate modern technologies to synchronize the entire organization

As reported recently in this Ernst and Young study, industry leaders have called for “a repositioning of insurers’ basic value proposition to make it more meaningful for customers throughout their lives.” In order to do so, insurers will not only need to have the right technology in place, but will need to use that technology to truly understand the customer journey.

Mapping the customer journey

The Zipari team recognized a void in the marketplace for technology that could support the insurance industry’s shift to “consumerism”. Traditionally insurers only engaged with their members during “important moments”: open enrollment, plan updates or wellness reminders to get a flu shot or check-up. According to Ernst and Young, There is a strong need to “digitize the sales process” and “to focus on providing holistic advice for customers based on a deeper knowledge of their needs and finding the right offering for those needs”.

The entire story can be read here.

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Zipari’s Customer Experience Platform, powered by real-time analytics, provides carriers with insight into every member interaction allowing carriers to map the entire customer journey and proactively identify and respond to member needs. Mapping the customer journey provides carriers with upsell or cross-sell opportunities throughout the member’s life-cycle rather than waiting on “important moments.”

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