Traditionally, companies have used email, direct mail or call centers as methods of engaging with customers.  Frequently, these channels provide members with dated, impersonal or fragmented experiences.

Service in the moment

Social media is the perfect way to quickly engage and serves an additional customer service center. While many brands still view social as a platform for negative amplification or a complaint sounding board, it can be used as a way to “bridge empathy and convenience” providing members with a simple way to get problems resolved. While insurance carriers may still be apprehensive about embracing social as another outlet to provide or improve their customer support, it’s clear that “Brands overall have proven that they will show up for their customers on these channels and that tweeting or “Facebooking” an issue can effect change and bring resolution.”

Harnessing the power of an industry specific CRM

If social media is the amplification system, then an insurance specific CRM is your early warning system for your entire communications ecosystem. Zipari’s integrated CRM was designed for the insurance industry by industry experts. We recognized the gap in customer experience and the tremendous need to streamline business operations.  By enabling the entire organization to view member activities in real time, companies can quickly resolve issues with members and have all the information needed to make better business decisions. Incorporating social media into an insurance specific CRM allows carriers to be proactive about addressing member needs, identify sales opportunities or simply improve the overall experience to attract new members through one centralized dashboard. Read the original story here

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