SMAC Components

Social – The number of people using social media, such as Facebook, keeps climbing, and will continue to do so as humans are social creatures and will never stop connecting.

Mobile–Smartphones account for three out of five cell phones and are changing the buying behavior of consumers. Customers can buy almost anything anywhere, any time. This means more accessibility for them and insights into their buying preferences for businesses.

Analytics–Here the “buzz phrase” is Big Data. The ability to analyze the motherlode of data gathered from social and mobile platforms allows businesses to gain a detailed comprehension of their customers’ preferences.

Cloud–Businesses are now able to avoid large investments in premise-based equipment and technology. By utilizing cloud computing, data can be collected and delivered continuously around the clock.

The Stacking Effect

While each of the four SMAC components is capable of improving a business on its own, integrating them into a “stack” makes them much more powerful and enables companies to maximize their customer bases through marketing. They work in unison to build a complete view of customer spending. For instance, the data from a user’s social media activity can be combined with location data from his or her smartphone. The combined data can then be analyzed to determine buyer purchase behavior and buying criteria.

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