Corporate culture is having its renaissance moment. Startups around the world and companies like Netflix, Hubspot, and Salesforce are beginning to pay a lot more attention to organizational health, and for a good reason. In this economy, strong candidates realize it’s not too hard to find jobs that pay, but what they want is culture — an environment that will allow them to learn more, do more, and become more. Most importantly, great candidates are looking for a place where they’ll find fulfillment.

As the fastest growing SaaS company in Georgia, and now Atlanta’s Best Place to Work (awarded by the Atlanta Business Chronicle), we’ve been intentional about our culture. The core fundamentals are a result of our founding team, and many of the ideas we’ve put to work involve the internet. The goal is to diversify and align: bring together unique team members from all walks of life (including an a capella singer, an ex-pro baseball player, a YouTube rapper, and dozens more divergent personalities), then have them all converge on the mission of our business.

Here are five culture concepts we’ve used that will help you win best place to work in your city — and to grow from five employees to over 70 in just 18 months: Read the entire story here