Scout: Provider Search


Empower your members to make informed decisions when choosing doctors and facilities, and drive prospects to your shopping solution with Scout provider search.


Finding a doctor online has long been a source of frustration. Zipari Scout is the first provider search that will intelligently recommend doctors and facilities, and guide customers to make informed decisions.

Leveraging Zipari’s proprietary Customer Experience (CX) engine for healthcare, Scout is continuously learning to meet the needs of your customers. Our CX engine powers Scout to automatically generate emails, surveys and other engaging interactions. The result is improved customer satisfaction, driving an increase in member acquisition and retention.

“Zipari’s innovative provider search solution allows members to have the best possible experience, while at the same time encouraging prospects to shop and enroll.”

— Catherine Ann Sauner, COO, Health Republic Insurance of NJ

Advanced searching, compare doctors and store favorite providers

Mobile-friendly with click-to-call, get directions and text search results

Rich email leads generated for sales and marketing

Up-to-date provider information based on data feeds and user feedback

Deep insight into customer behavior with Zipari CX

Detailed provider profiles with ratings and reviews for informed decisions

Machine Readable: Ensure compliance with open-standard and accessible formats of provider data

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