Script: Prescription Lookup

Zipari Script empowers carriers with a prescription lookup solution that reduces the use of brand drugs and drives up the use of generics. The result is significant savings for consumers and carriers.

Script integrates with shopping solutions to help consumers make intelligent decisions while choosing health plans, improving user experience and conversion rates.

Determining prescriptions coverage and cost has been a source of frustration for both members and prospects. Script helps consumers research options to find the best drug for their health and budget.

Script provides a mobile-friendly, carrier-branded formulary search tool that provides consumers a quick and easy way of finding their prescriptions. At the same time, Script encourages consumers to learn about and speak with their doctor about generic alternatives.

Advanced searching, compare prescriptions and maintain an online drug-cabinet

Educate members on alternative prescriptions, participating pharmacy benefits, and available pharmaceutical discounts

View pharmacy prescriptions by retail price or plan benefit

Easily integrates with your shopping, decision support, provider search and member portal

Built for mobile devices, supporting customers when and where they need information

Deep insight into customer behavior with Zipari CX

Machine Readable: Ensure compliance with open-standard and accessible formats of provider data

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