With the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and machine learning, insurance carriers have the opportunity to join the travel and retail industry, and leading technology players such as Google, IBM and Microsoft who are already taking advantage of these smart technologies. This form of “conversational intelligence” or “thinking machine” technology learns from every human interaction to be predictive towards a users questions or proactive with a suggestion.

One of the barriers carriers face is with the Data. “Collecting it, storing it, normalizing it, tracing its lineage and the critical – if not particularly sexy – matter of governance” The key is then harnessing modern software and technologies to translate these insights into action.

“There’s little arguing that the degree of complexity around big data in healthcare is exactly why clinicians, physicians and, indeed, the industry at large need these emerging technologies, which have felt so far away for so long.”

While many carriers may be reluctant to dive into the smart technology waters, they may very well not have a choice but to go with the trend or risk being late for a very quickly moving train. The full story can read here.


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