The big push in 2016 will be for more carriers to embrace integrated data solutions. But first, carriers will need to reconsider  the traditional model of analysts deciphering data. “According to a survey of IT leaders by MeriTalk, poor data integration is responsible for $342 billion in lost benefits every year as government health and human services agencies struggle to manage different datasets.” 

Our experience has shown that the best data solutions are ones that can co-exist or complement existing technologies. Our industry specific SaaS solutions provide carriers with a real-time view across the entire business as opposed to a silo’d view of individual business units. When integrated with Zipari CRM, carriers will not only have a transparent view of their members’ activities, but will have the ability to improve efficiency, reduce costs and elevate the customer experience for greater retention.

Those carriers who embrace SaaS solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with their current infrastructure will have a clear industry advantage; providing the CFO, COO and CMO with ability to proactively manage and make financial and marketing adjustments with just-in-time information.

Healthcare, like so many other sectors of the economy, is being transformed by technology. The changes are most obvious at the front end of healthcare, where health payment solutions, data analytics tools, telehealth, wearable devices and other products and services are addressing the needs of both businesses and consumers.

But just as important is what’s happening behind the scenes, in the healthcare system’s back-end infrastructure. This “unsexy plumbing,” as it has been called, makes the front-end advances possible. For technology innovators, this plumbing also presents myriad opportunities: to reduce costs, streamline processes and shape the future of an industry that touches all Americans. Read the entire story here

Learn how Zipari's data analytics solutions provide health insurance plans with real-time visibility into the consumer experience