Improving the customer experience is a goal for just about every business, but what does that mean and what challenges does it present? Especially in the world of insurance, which is just starting to understand the urgency of delivering a positive customer experience. Where the entire enterprise can be moderated and navigated through a single platform. A solution that is not only holistic, but is reliable, fast, and provides a seamless stream of data that each. So is it about UI, data, speed, reliability, or all the above?

The chart below shows how more than 4,000 respondents are prioritising CX improvement.


Making experiences fast, mobile-friendly and consistent are priorities for only 3%, 4% and 8% of clients respectively. This perhaps indicates the maturity of digital, with many businesses, having mastered these three elements of UI, now moving on to adding value for the consumer. Having said that, 17% of respondents are prioritising ease of understanding. This may translate to creating slick products and intuitive, frictionless journeys, showing that design thinking in CX is on the rise. Read the full story here.

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