We’re proud to announce that we’ve completed our Series A round, which will allow us to scale and meet the increasing demand among insurance carriers for customized CRM solutions and predictive analytics. While this affirms our success in helping healthcare payers in an evolving and hyper competitive marketplace, these types of milestones also give me pause; they provide an opportunity to reflect on what it took to reach this point and all of those who’ve contributed.

Successful startups share certain qualities and exhibit common behaviors, including commitment, endurance, and confidence, to name a few. Though, what has made Zipari what it is today is its communicative and resourceful team.

When it comes to communications, an entrepreneur may have the vision, but equally important is building a team to execute that vision, and that means striking a chord in as many conversations as possible. You won’t be successful if you can’t convince people it’s worth their time and money, and you must lead them on a clear path such that they want to buy-in and help realize your dream.

There’s also no silver bullet to building a successful company, and books and advice can only take you so far; resourcefulness is key to actually getting work done. Building your first company is a crash course in practically everything. If your skills and knowledge are lacking in one area, you need to find a savvier person. For example, many entrepreneur peers were instrumental in helping me learn the language and nuances of fundraising. I also love to meet with prospects and sell, but it’s never been a specialty, so I was lucky enough to bring along one of my best friends who would eventually become our Chief Revenue Officer.

Furthermore, having a scrappy team may require them to switch roles in order to get those early wins. Products, proposals, and presentations are often developed by the most eager and effective employee regardless of their job title. Bills must be paid, contracts written, talent recruited, and partnerships formed, among other functions taken for granted at larger companies.

It’s very hard to measure or quantify the contributions made and many roles fulfilled by each team member, but our culture ensures that they never go unrecognized. Our people are propelling this company forward and Zipari’s achievements are a direct result of their tenacity and expertise. Kudos to all – we have a lot to celebrate this holiday season.